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Crying. Sophia looked at the little girl that had fallen over Stephen and Helen and remained puzzled. What's your name, my little girl? she asked her abstract, approaching her. Little Alexander, on the other hand, was looking once at his mother and once at Savvoula that was calling 'mother' and 'father' those who were crashed down together with his father. One of the young men took Sophia away, while the other three painstakingly managed to put aside the thick tree trunk. There goes the mayor... said one of them. The others looked at him without speaking. Their emotion was so severe, that they couldn't utter a word. They perceived that behind therefrom drama, a mystery had been hiding.


So, they began to haul the three unconscious bodies at the guest house that was the closest house in the black friday deals walmart area. It was a tragic cortege. Each of the three young men was currying one lifeless body in his arms, while the fourth was clutching by the hand Sophia and the two little children. When they arrived at black friday 2016 tv deals the guest house and placed the bodies on the black friday 2016 tv deals wide bed, one of them left to notify the doctor of the village. Sophia, disheveled and with a stare gaze, was looking around her without understanding anything. She was also unaware of even little Alexander who was tightened in her arms crying in sobs.


Savvoula had also caught the paralyzed arm toys r us black friday ad of her mother and was kissing it wetting it with her tears, while she was looking puzzled at the stranger who had been placed beside the soulless black friday computer deals body of her mother, without being able to recognize him. Then she got black friday gamestop up and went close to Alexander who was sitting next to his mother. What's your name? she asked with eyes who was swollen by crying. Alexander, Alexander Venetis , said the little boy and black friday target he asked her in his turn: And black friday online you? Savvoula replied the little girl. Savvoula Petridis... Tell me, how have you got so suddenly in our village?


She didn't however waited to get a reply, because a moan made her run to her mother, Helen, who had recovered. Mummy , she shouted crying, My mummy! and embracing her, she began kissing her. My child... said Helen, while a sob swelled her breasts, what's happening, ebay black friday what has happened to me? Her words came out painstakingly from her lips and every.